Why Donald Trump’s racist remarks on Mexican immigrants aren’t hurting the billionaire’s brand

We should think about the real business interests from Trump… Nothing good will come

Financial Post

Judging by discounts on Donald Trump-labeled mattresses on Amazon.com, the billionaire’s brand is hurting. But his overseas business partners don’t seem to have noticed.

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Trump’s Macy’s deal, and others, are gone after his incendiary remarks about Mexican immigrants. Still, selling shirts and ties was “a small business in terms of dollar volume,” the real-estate mogul, reality TV star and Republican presidential contender said in a press release last week.

His partners in international property licensing deals, a more lucrative business line, haven’t joined in on the dog pile.

“So far as the Trump-Panchshil association is concerned, this stands unaffected and we will continue our association with the…

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